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Hoy os quiero hablar de Prangstgrup: se trata de un grupo de actores de teatro que estudiaron en la universidad de Columbia, y que hacen originales vídeos. Os paso un par.

El primero se trata de una clase universitaria. En un momento dato, un alumno se levanta y empieza a cantar, marcándose una especie de "musical a lo Broadway". ¡Fijáos en las caras del profesor y de la gente!

Os lo pongo subtitulado al castellano, pero os paso también la letra original, por si la queréis ver:

Hey teach!

I've got a question -- what I mean is... it's just...

We come to class everyday it seems, we all fall asleep we've lost all our dreams.
There is no inspiration.
But when did we become this way, so disillusioned? So blasé?
I can't make the calculation.
Can I borrow your TI-83?

Hey teach!

Have you thought for a whileabout the impact that you have on us?


I think it's high time that you triedto extend your learning on to us and reach!
Are you with me classmates?

(One person)

What about that guy over there? Why aren't you taking notes? Don't you even care?
This is your education.
This girl sitting over here, she talks a lot in class but her thoughts are never really quite clear.
So much mental masturbation.

Is it we... who are to blame.

Hey TEACH!!!!

All the professors in movies and TV
like "Dead Poets Society",
and they risk their very professions for the chanceto be inspirations to kids like me!

Hey teach!

It's no wonder why we're here.

You must think we only party and drink beer.
But all we need is just one chance...

to be treated as your equals and to dance.

Hey teach!

It's no wonder why we're here.
You must think we only party and drink beer.
I think it's high time that you tried
to extend your learning.. on.. to.. us.. and REACH! TEACH!

El siguiente vídeo es en una biblioteca, y sigue un patrón parecido: en un momento dado, un tipo se levanta y hace un numerito musical:

Y aquí va la letra original (este no lo he encontrado subtitulado al castellano, si queréis saber qué dice y no os aclaráis con el inglés, podéis usar el traductor de Google):

What's this?

What's this on the page?
I can hardly believe my eyes.
Everything that seems a new surprise
and I'm doing it all because I'm readin' on a dream.

Magical places and faces to see
Poetry, science and technology
Inspiration in my imagination
I'm just a page or two away.

Nobody sings in the library.
Nobody here makes a peep.
But I can't keep it in
Yeah, I just gotta be singin'
and nobody can stop me now.

Because I'm readin' on a dream.
Readin' on a hell of a feeling.
And I wish that I could share
but nobody ever dares.

And I feel so alone.
I'm happy, but I'm on my own.
If only there was someone to share in this experience.

(Anjuli Kolb stands)

Would you give me a chance?
And would you care to dance?
Care!... to dance?


Yes, we're readin' on a dream.
We're Readin' on a hell of feeling
and I found someone to share.
Yes, what a wonderful pair.

Readin' on a dream.
We're readin' on a terrific feeling
and I'm thinkin' it out loud.
Yes, I'm thinkin' it out loud.

Readin', readin' on a,
readin', readin' on a,
readin', we're reading on a dream. Let's do it

¿Qué os ha parecido? Están bastante bien, ¿no? Si la vida fuera más como las películas musicales, probablemente sería algo así ;-)

En su web podéis acceder a más vídeos del grupo.

¡Venga!, a ver cuando nos animamos y montamos una performance así...

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